Physicians are embracing medical dictation software to save time on clinical notes. If you’re a doctor who uses a Mac, you likely value a clean, simple, functional aesthetic. You need an accurate and affordable speech-to-text dictation software that sends dictations from your iPhone or Apple computer directly to the patient chart. So you may be wondering, what is the best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs?

Mobius Scribe is the dictation software you’re looking for. Scribe is the dictation function within Mobius Clinic, a revolutionary app that turns your smartphone into a remote control for your EMR. Hundreds of doctors use Mobius every day to eliminate up to 70% of the keyboarding and computer distraction from every patient visit.

But you probably have a few questions. Is direct EMR speech-to-text the right dictation workflow for me? If so, how does Mobius Scribe work? What features make Mobius unique among competitors? And why is Mobius the best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs?

Choosing the right medical dictation workflow

Doctors who use Macs need an efficient medical dictation workflow to minimize time spent on clinical documentation. But options abound. You could hire a scribe in house, pay for a third-party transcription service, or automate dictation using a speech-to-text software. Which dictation workflow is the best fit for your practice?

With the latest advancements in speech recognition technology, direct EMR speech-to-text is the simplest, most accurate and lowest cost medical dictation workflow. But this isn’t the right solution for everyone. With automated dictation you won’t make a voice recording and hire a transcriptionist to type it out. Instead, software automates the process. You speak your note into a microphone and your words appear instantly in the EMR. You can ensure accuracy as you go and make any edits before saving the note.

Dictation software like Mobius Scribe is perfect for physicians who are cost efficient and don’t mind learning a new, streamlined workflow. In exchange you eliminate hours of documentation each week by dictating instant, accurate notes that arrive directly into the EMR.

If you’re considering a dictation solution for the first time – or for the first time in the digital era – you should read about different dictation workflows. If you use a Mac and are looking for a direct speech-to-text or mobile medical dictation solution, your best option is Mobius Scribe.

How Mobius Scribe works

Mobius Scribe is an app that powers your iPhone or Mac computer with the world’s most reliable speech-to-text medical dictation. To begin, simply access your EMR through Mobius and start speaking a note. As you speak, your words appear on the screen and the app immediately sends the text to the patient’s chart.

Scribe is available to Mobius Clinic providers, who receive unlimited medical dictation for a flat monthly fee. Doctors who use Mobius get a whole suite of features that streamline clinical workflow from patient intake to documentation.

Physicians love using Mobius Scribe because it brings together a unique set of convenient features. Scribe is:

  • Instant and accurate – Your words appear instantly on your screen and in patients’ charts.
  • Medical grade – Scribe recognizes medical terminology out of the box.
  • Made for mobile – Mobius makes your iPhone a valuable clinical tool for medical dictation and much more.
  • EMR-integrated –  Scribe talks to your existing EMR to get every detail properly documented.
  • Unlimited – Unlimited usage is always included so you can document as thoroughly as you want.

Scribe not only makes it faster to dictate, it speeds up your entire workflow from start to finish. Mobius makes closing charts feasible in minutes. 

How does Mobius compare to competitors?

Mobius uses the same vice recognition technology as the popular dictation software Dragon Medical. Dragon’s speech recognition platform, built by Nuance, is the most advanced medical dictation technology available. Mobius Clinic makes Nuance’s dictation technology available with more features and a smoother user interface than Dragon’s Medical One.

Doctors designed Mobius for doctors. The result is a dictation solution that seamlessly synchronizes with your existing EMR. Physicians give four specific reasons why Mobius is the best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs:

  1. Ability to pull past documentation – Mobius is the only app that makes previous encounter documentation available from your mobile device. With a single tap you can go from dictating to quickly populating the patient chart with past text or templates.
  2. Built-in photo capture – Many providers using mobile dictation also enhance clinical documentation with images. Both dictation and photo capture can eliminate hours spent with the EMR. Mobius sends images you select directly to your EMR, whether it’s from a PACS or a smartphone camera.
  3. Athenahealth integration – Providers who use athenaClinicals find Mobius especially valuable. The app provides unparalleled access to athenahealth EMR features, including template integration and text macros with HTML and dropdown.
  4. Workflow optimization – In addition to medical dictation, your team can use Mobius to automate vitals collection, instantly scan documents, manage patient intake, review patient profiles and much more. See a full list of Mobius features that aren’t offered by any other medical dictation app.

Features List Comparison

Mobius offers physicians and staff cutting edge speech-to-text as well as a complete suite of mobile tools. See how we compare with our competitors.

Mobius Scribe is the best medical dictation solution for doctors who use Macs

What is the best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs?

If you’re looking for an automatic dictation software that’s built for doctors who use Macs, consider Mobius Scribe. Request a demo today to see how Mobius could empower your practice with next generation speech-to-text software.

Desktop Scribe makes your mobile device a microphone for instant medical dictation